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Why Several reasons...
  • Hundreds of Programs for all types of borrowers We specialize in one thing, residential mortgage financing. We have programs for all borrower types, there is no need to put you're A+ customer into a high rate catch-all program. Why is that important to you? Because we help make your improvements more affordable, in many cases, allowing for extra work to be done. How will you feel when we call to tell you there is room for the rest of the work your customer thought they couldn't afford?

  • Local / In-House Underwriting and Closing - Our entire process is done with our own staff, in house. We are not brokers so we have better control of the process, more consisetnt underwriting and much faster processing and closing times.

  • Higher Closing Ratios - With one of the highest closing ratios in the business, we get more of your customers financed. We treat each customer as an individual and give 100% effort to get them approved. Our knowledge and expertise helps us provide financing for many customers other lenders have turned away.
  • Guaranteed Payment Our renovation financing programs protect you with written draw schedules and once authorized, construction draws are payable directly to you.
  • Debt Consolidation benefits you Because we work with your customers to refinance and consolidate other debts and high interest credit cards, we make the work you do more affordable. In many cases, we provide low interest financing solutions to your customers that allow them to finance your job with little or no increase in monthly expenses.
  • Local Appraisers and increased values Because we only use local appraisers familiar with local property value trends, our appraisals (and loan amounts) are higher than other lenders that use national appraisal companies and computerized valuation models.
  • Keeping you in the loop - Our loan specialists have extensive experience working with both homeowners and contractors. We keep you informed and in the loop every step of the way.

Here is an example:

Bob and Jane had a contract to have their kitchen renovated for $30,000. They wanted to replace their old windows with more efficient ones but based on the payment the contractor quoted with the additional $20,000 in improvements, they decided to put off the windows until a later date.

The contractor then had difficulty getting them approved for any financing at all and eventually came to us for a solution. Our loan specialist was not only able to get an affordable financing package approved for Bob and Jane, he restructured some of their other debts and was able to make it affordable for them to finance the Kitchen and the Windows.

Our loan specialist notified the contractor that the additional money was available and the customer wanted to move forward. They sent the sales rep back out to the home and wrote up the additional work.

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